Our Hours will be changing!  SF is now allowing bars to serve inside until 2am.  WIth that said, we don't have the staffing to pull off late nights every day of the week so things will be flexible.  As of now, the earliest we will close is 11pm any day of the week.  If the party is going on past 11, fantastic, but it will be at the bartenders discretion how long they want to remain open, so please be respectful of their choices - it's a long time to be on your feet running out to the sidewalk and around the barroom!

Please note that the maximum party size is 6 people, no matter where you are sitting.  Also, sitting MEANS SITTING.  We know it's exciting to see all your old friends again, but we still need to keep social distancing between parties/households.  So save those wanderings for the beach or the woods, ok? Thanks.

ANOTHER thing to note is that any person under the age of 21 (including infants) will NOT be allowed in the parklet or the barroom during business hours.  This is an update straight from City Hall because bars are transitioning to being... well BARS again.  Sorry parents, our hands are tied on this one.


Finally, YES WE ARE HAVING LIVE MUSIC AGAIN.  However, we are keeping things very pared back at this time for obvious safety reasons.  We are not accepting online booking submissions at this time.  The acts we are booking are acts we can verify are COVID safe.  As things settle down and more people are vaccinated, we will start broadening our scope again, promise!

Check our social media for updates!

theluckyhorseshoebar on FB, @theluckyhorseshoesf on IG


We also have merch!


$9 each, 2 for $15, mask and a shot ;-) - $12


(sizes limited at the moment)


Handmade Tote Bags

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