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​Please see our calendar for more information on our upcoming events at The Lucky Horseshoe.



Tin Knockers
March 5, 
May 7, and
July 2 of 2020


Midnight in Laredo
April 2, 
and June 4 of 2020


Bernal Heights Bluegrass Jam
Horseshoe Invitational Jam
First Sunday of the Month
additional event info
2019 bernal hillbillies.jpg
Bernal Hillbillies Bluegrass Show
Fourth Sunday of the month
7:30 -10pm
more about them here
Wednesdays - Blues & Rock Jam
8pm to Last Call
Every 3rd Thursday


Join us for Thursty Thursdays at 8pm with Liam McCloskey & Friends!
Thursdays - Jazz Bands


Starts at 9 PM. check our calendar page!
Fridays - Karaoke Night


Saturdays - best bands in town
Starts at 9pm. check our calendar page!
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